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Quantic AKA Will Holland: Musican, Producer & Music Selector heralding from Worcestershire, England. Currently beat making, tape splicing and dub cutting in Brooklyn, New York. Close X

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Ondatropica to play Womad 2013 Image

Ondatropica to play Womad 2013

Pan-generational celebration of Colombian music, co-led by Quantic

We've a strong suspicion that everything Will Holland touches turns to gold. More commonly known as the musician/producer/DJ Quantic, he's guided several projects to admirable success, whether it be the Quantic Soul Orchestra's raw funk or the more contemplative and poetic offerings of his Colombia-based Combo Barbaro. A Colombian resident for six years now, his latest project, in collaboration with bandleader Mario Galeano, seeks to tie together the multiple strands of his adopted country's musical traditions. Accordingly, Ondatrópica - on record, at least - are a diverse, 42-strong gathering where young rappers rub shoulders with octogenarian pianists. And the results simmer and bubble with style, a hotpot of salsa, cumbia, hip-hop and ska, with Will unable to resist a pinch of funk too. Although it'll be a slimmed-down version of the crew heading to Charlton Park, expect the most hip-swaying musical history lesson you ever sat in on.


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