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Quantic AKA Will Holland: Musican, Producer & Music Selector heralding from Worcestershire, England. Currently beat making, tape splicing and dub cutting in Brooklyn, New York. Close X

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Visas make the world go Round Image

Visas make the world go Round

Well folks, its Tour-Time again. After a successful run of dates in and around Texas’ SXSW Festival and three solid shows in LA and California, we’re now ready to hit UK soil. If you’re not aware, we’re out and about promoting our new record ‘Look Around the Corner’ lovingly constructed & recorded in Colombia. Its a reunion of sorts, with the talented Combo Barbaro, our pan-latino backing band of 5 years and counting. It was a lovely experience to share the musicians and their talents with Alice and create a work that is truly an international effort. And it has occurred to me of late that it is these kind of inter-cultural co-operatives, all be it on a small scale, that are very important to the world as a whole. We don’t only record this music as a merry band of Panamanians, Colombians, Peruvians, Brazilians, Chileans, Cubans and Englishmen, we try to travel with it to. Each year, for the last four years, I have toured the Combo Barbaro in around the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany and the Unites States. Aside from the musical preparation needed and the joy of recreating the records recorded in my spare bedroom in Colombia on the other side of world, there is an immense amount of bureaucracy and form filling involved. For a tour throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe with Latin American band members, three separate visa appointments are required with lots of fees, processing times and travel to the embassies to consider.

On Friday afternoon, we received a written notification from the beloved UK Border agency that our star Piano player ‘Alfredito Linares’ and Percussionist ‘Freddy Colorado’ had been denied their visas for quote ‘Not meeting the necessary requirements’. As no more reasons for the denial were given in the letter, and their plane tickets booked to travel to London on monday morning, it came as quite a surprise. To my knowledge Alfredito, 69 year old Master Piano player, has had no past dabbles in criminality or terrorism, nor Freddy. And seeming as both Alfredo and Freddy are selected to perform with ‘Onda Tropica’ at this years 2012 Olympiad in London’s July Olympic Celebrations, it seems even more surprising.

Since Alice and I mentioned this issue on Twitter that has been a fantastic response and we are very grateful for that. Although we can appeal the decision, this takes up to twenty eight days, by which time the tour will be in full swing. It seems that this time around the UK Border Agency just didn’t want the Latin swing of Alfredito Linares passing through its shiny gates. Lastima compadre, lastima….

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