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Quantic AKA Will Holland: Musican, Producer & Music Selector heralding from Worcestershire, England. Currently beat making, tape splicing and dub cutting in Brooklyn, New York. Close X

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Steve Nickolls
aka Futureboogie's Joe90

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Chris Richards

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Trevor Heath
@ Tru Thoughts
+44 (0)1273 694617

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Artist : Limp Twins

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Over a banana milk shake they decided the only way to get people dancing again was to delve into the stacks of dusty records that filled their bedrooms and start preaching the word. And the word was groove.

Dishing up portions of deep fried funk and soul-side samba kept them busy for a while, but soon the urge to play their own dusty records became too strong. As Will was already enjoying success recording as Quantic, it seemed logical to commit the Limp Twins sound to vinyl. This came to fruition in the shape of Living Well, a seven-inch released by London’s premiere funk and hip-hop collective Breakin’ Bread. It set the agenda for the Limp Twins sound: proper songs with verse and chorus, shaky vocals and insightful lyrics and rugged production that grabs you by the ears and drags you onto the dancefloor.

Now residing in Brighton, The Limp Twins continue to spread the groove presenting the Unfold Show on Juice FM, playing to ecstatic crowds at phonic:hoop and releasing their own brand of fuzzy soul on Tru Thoughts. Their dj style comprises of finely blending a genre busting set of soul, funk, jazz, hiphop, and ska with a sprinkle of 4×4 action; this pair can always be relied upon to elevate a night with pure class.

Moving Closer to the Dub is the bootie shaking B-side to their debut for Tru Thoughts Moving Closer To The Sofa. An ode to the impermanence of short term relationships, it was swiftly followed by Elemental, another catchy 7” which captures the shift of seasons with reflective moods and unstoppable rhythms. Boasting a heavy contagious remix of Another Day in The Life of Mr. Jones by Australia’s finest funk outfit Bamboo Shack on the flip, these offerings embody the distinct loose-limbed folk-funk and scratchy soul sound that The Limp Twins have forged for themselves.

These releases were swiftly followed by the debut Limp Twins LP, Tales From Beyond The Groove. Bringing together Soul, Folk, Funk and Indie, together with Punk’s DIY production ethics and an ear for the dancefloor, the album captures the upbeat feel and lo-fi groove of previous singles, whilst still giving each song an individual character and identity. From the anthemia of opening song Tales From Beyond The Groove to the low-slung funk of Another Day In The Life Of Mr Jones the album brims with a quirky swing thats utterly unique. The Limping Song and Sunday Driver wander at a folky pace, whilst If It Aint BrokeBreak It and Elemental bustle with beats and funk fueled energy. Bitter & Twistered closes the album with a lonesome lullaby; voice, guitar and double bass swaggering around together at the end of the night. It owes nothing to media influenced trends or manufactured musical genres, it is merely the culmination of two friends making tunes together because they enjoy it. We hope you do too.

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